Raya E-Card android app launched on Google Play

Time: 2:00pm, 14 May 2019

Location: Selangor, Malaysia

Exciting News!! In the month of Ramadhan, we have launched our Raya E-Card App on Google Play Store. This app is a result of the tremendous effort and work by our special needs young adults from GOLD. We are honoured to have Pn. Juairiah Johari to launch the app today! This app is available for only RM 1.

This E-Card has been the work of 'our differently abled' students from G.O.L.D (Generating Opportunities for Learning Disables) trained by Infinite Minds Academy. GOLD an NGO based in Bandar Sunway, under the guidance of Puan Juairiah has been actively exploring various means (since 1998) to help the Special Needs Students to maximise their potential to acchieve both economic and societal independence.

The animation team at Infinite Minds Academy consists of team leader, Amirul and team members, Imran, Ng Sing Hon, Shamel, Ihsan and Abshar.

Raya E-Card user interface.

Together, let's encourage and put wide smiles on these young adults by supporting their work today! Don't forget to share it with your friends and family too.

Get it on Google Play now: Raya E-Card

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