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Call us today and we'll show you how we can help your child to THRIVE.

Our Education System

At Infinite Minds Academy, our passion is to see every child thrive to their fullest potential.

Everyone is born special. Every being has his or her special ability.

Though at many times, human gets categorised based on their outlook, or capacity, but their ability should never be confined within the categorised description.

Having seen the potential of these kids, Infinite Minds has embarked on running Technology related programs for the Special Needs kids of all spectrum.

About Us

Infinite Minds Academy

We started our company in 2008. Since year 2013, we have been focusing on Special Needs programs…i.e. 5 years from now. After our first year, we started with a test group of 10 students from SMK Bandar Sunway. We introduced Animation making for a period of 6 months. We found that these kids were able to adapt and learn these animation skills – to certain extent, much better than normal kids. We enrolled them in an international competition… and we in fact won… Cyberfair etc.

Dear parents, We are READY to talk to you now!!!

For Special Needs Kids

Free your Special Needs child’s potential, and you will TRANSFORM THEM to be equipped for the future...
Dear parents, who are looking for the right place to send their child to boost their abilities,
We are here to help you.

Assessment is FREE now!!

✔ No deposit payments needed
✔ We believe these programs best suites to help to improve your child's overall development
✔ We can change our children future by providing RELEVANT skills
✔ Early intervention is important as they enhance their creativity, motor and logical skills

We Care about our KId's Future

We offer TECH related programs for special needs student from age group 7 years until adults (all spectrum) particularly slow learner.
Our programs are meant for students to be self-independent when they grow which mean they are able to generate income when they grow up, working from home.


Why Us


The Tech industry is a perfect match for these kids. We train them the most demandable areas of todays tech industry.

Best Tutor

Every Human has his special strength. It's only a matter of us to identify it. Our best tutors are dedicated to find the strength in the disabled kids.

Practical Training

Our programs are practical and tailored only for Special Needs Kids. Applying steam (Science, Technology, Arts, Maths) for their self-sustenance in future.


We provide Strong Support to "Turning yesterday's DISABLED students into today's ENABLED students!"

Practical Training

Success Rate

Student Engagement

Certified Courses

Our Courses

What our Student and Guardian says

My kid created some small animations and I helped him transfer them to his mobile phone. He showed it to all his friends in school. This really lifted his self esteem and made him believe in himself.


Dominic See

Ex. Student's Guardian

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My kids created two games. They keep challenging each other in outdoing who can perform more difficult and more challenging game. It was a different scenario previously…. They use challenge each other in playing games but now they challenge in making a game.



Ex. Student's Guardian

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My son has been able to come up with his own set of cartoon series to be watched by all of us. Its fun to see our kid coming with their wild ideas.


Adelyn Ang

Ex. Student's Guardian

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia